Passivation Equipment

Passivation and the chemical treatment of various industrial products is a booming industry unknown to many people.

Popular Equipment for Passivating Metals

Their are many factories, manufacture reps and tons of companies based around passivation equipment. Passivation is used from pre-treating the support beams in bridges to the finish of stainless steel appliances after your new home renovation.

downers grove kitchen remodeling
Passivation is used even in kitchen appliances.
  • Benchtop Ultrasonic Stainless Steel Part Passivation Equipment

  • Ultrasonic Automated Passivation Equipment

  • Citric / Nitric Passivation Wet Bench for Stainless Steel & Titanium

  • Automated Ultrasonic Citric / Nitric Acid Passivation Equipment for Medical Device and General Parts

  • Medical Device Passivation Equipment with a Cleanroom Space Constraint

  • Heated Polypropylene Acid Passivation and Rinse Tanks

  • Agitated Immersion Multi-Tank Passivation Systems

bridge passivation equipmen
Passivation equipment is vital to securing bridges from weather and corrosion.

Which Equipment is Right for your Product

Finding the right equipment to bring in for coating/treating your products can be a difficult decision. Often outsourceing your passivation or electropolishing needs is truly one of the best options. The equipment required for passivation is extreamly expensive and takes trained professionals to operate.

It is important to understand the pros and cons but especially differences between electropolishing and passivation.